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How to Bond with your Puppy?

How to Bond with your Puppy?

Congratulation in getting a new family member! As new pet parents, I know top priority is to make sure you establish bond with the puppy(besides potty training). I mean who doesn’t want to be the new dog’s favorite owner 🙂

How do you establish that strong bond in the first week?


The first component of a solid relationship is love. Spend as much time as you can with your puppy

Any activities the two of you share builds and strengthens your bond.

– Stroking, patting and gently grooming all comfort and please your dog.

– Appropriate play allows you to share your dog’s natural joy in movement and games.



The second part of a solid relationship is trust, which you build through communication. Learn what she is saying with her body language. Learn to recognize her signs of stress. Learn to speak with her in the language she understands. This builds trust between you and your puppy.


The third part of a solid relationship is respect, and respect must be earned rather than demanded. The good news is that it is easier to earn your puppy’s respect than from the typical teenager: all you need to do is convince your puppy that you are in charge.

Want to share some of your personal experience on winning over your puppy?

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