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Redwood City Dog Friendly Park – Stulsaft Park

Redwood City Dog Friendly Park – Stulsaft Park

Redwood City is one of the dog friendly city in the bay area. My favorite off leash dog park/trail is Stulsaft Park. It is located only a few miles away from downtown Redwood City, but it is completely off the busy streets and very peaceful for walk.

Stulsaft Park is the City’s largest park at 42 acres and it is mostly off leash (which is really amazing). Below are some of the reasons this is one of the best dog park/trail in the Bay Area:

  1. Large off leash area
  2. Most trail are covered in shade. It never too hot
  3. Creek with clean water for dog to play in
  4. Most trails are flat and easy to walk around
  5. Water fountain and dog poop disposal station around the park
  6. Never too crowded, but will always be able to find a few friendly doggy.










After the dog park, you don’t have to go home. Still plenty of places for your to chill and relax with your doggy

  1. Go to pet food express near by and get your doggy a yummy treat :). It is only 5 mins away.
  2. Go to downtown Redwood City, sit outside with your tired but happy dog and enjoy a glass of wine and some snack


3737 Farm Hill Blvd.
Redwood City, CA 94062

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