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Oyster Bay Regional Shoreline Dog Friendly Trail

Oyster Bay Regional Shoreline Dog Friendly Trail

Why do I want to write about Oyster Bay Regional Shoreline? I want to introduce this to all dog owner who has reactive dog or a pup that you are working on recall with.

The park is a huge open field next to San Francisco Bay water. Dog can be off leash and run around in all the unpaved area which is more than big enough. While it might not be the best maintained trail, it is really great if you want to take your reactive dog for a walk or train your puppy on recall. When I say not the best maintained, I don’t mean it is bad. Just the bay area standard is pretty high when it come to grass maintenance and such thing. The paths are all really clean and easily walk-able. There is porta potty, trash can and water fountain near the entrance. You can see my pictures on the condition of the trail. The park is never crowded. I been there a few times on the weekend in the morning. I only run into 1 or 2 people with dog on my path and they are normally super friendly. Sometimes, there would be no one in my path. I know it is difficult to find a place for reactive dog to run around and play. But they deserve to run free vs always be on leash. This would be a great place for this. Even if you see someone coming your way, you can simply change direction since there are SOO much space.

If your dog does not have a solid recall, it is also a good place to come. Since it is mostly an open field, you can see where your puppy is running off to. Also, there aren’t many places your puppy can go and get in him/herself in trouble. When I was working on my dog recall, i always worry there is someone having picnic on the trail. We all know our dog would not come back from smelling hot dogs.. You would not have to worry about that here. You are also far away from busy street, you wouldn’t have to worry about bike or cars.

Even though there isn’t much shade, it never gets too hot since you will always feel the breeze from the San Francisco Bay water. You also get to see the plane take off and land while you are walking.. which is surprisingly calming ( it is not too loud since it is still some distance).

Do bring water and poop bag for your dog. The only water fountain is at the entrance. If you don’t like the sun that much, wear a hat. You can easily spend over 1 hour walking around in this park.

Overall, you can definitely have a relaxing walk with your dog without worrying about alot of the stress with a popular and crowded dog friendly trail. You dog will always enjoy running free and sniffing around. It  is also mostly flat land, so you won’t have to worry about getting tired too quickly before your pup is tired out.

Do you know any hidden dog friendly trail like this? share with us.

Park General Information:

The park is located in San Leandro, California. It is located along the eastern shore of San Francisco Bay directly to the south of Oakland International Airport. It is a 4.6 miles (7.4 km) long trail in the park that can be used by dogs.  It is rated good for all skill levels, and even has a water fountain along the route that also is accessible by dogs.



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