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About Us

About us

The mission of Woof Pawty Planning is to create unforgettable moments and experiences that you and your pawfriend can enjoy together.

Company Overview

Our pets have become more and more important in our everyday lives and being with them brings us great joy. As pet owners, we all wish there are more opportunities for both us and pawfriend to have fun together. Woof Pawty Planning provides, organizes, and executes together with its clients spectacular events through creativity and uniqueness based on individual tastes and preferences.

Below are services we offer:

Private pet parties

We will design your party based on your preferences and make sure you have an amazing and unforgettable experience.

Pet friendly business promotion

Who doesn’t want to be a pet friendly business? If you do, we can help you promote your business and attract more pawfriends (and their owners) to your stores.

Pawty Bundle

Everything you need for your pawsome party prepared and delivered to your door

Monthly pop up events

: You just have to show up with your pet for a fun and relaxing day. We will fill the day with interactive games, pet photography, and food/snacks and water!!

Ready for a pawsome party? Contact us